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Simplify Your
Back Office

Get more done in less time with automated features that put you in charge of your business

The New Way to Run Your Numbers

Automatically process your entire downline, generate actionable insights, and predict where your team will be at by the end of the month, all from Day One

What People Are Saying

Don't take our word for it. See what our users are saying!

  • "I absolutely love it! Really lets me see much quicker what is going on in my business"

    Elva P
  • "I love this tool. It is so simple and much easier to use than the alternatives. I am not techy at all and can barely use Excel. I also don't have time to learn Excel, so this was an incredible gift."

    Laurie F
  • "OMG! I just signed up for this last night and I IMMEDIATEY caught the fact that someone was only 1.5 PV away from qualifying for the Deep Blue special this month! Luckily her LRP order wasn't due to be ordered for another week, so she was able to change it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Back Office Toolkit!"

    Sherry F
  • "I love it. I could very clearly see the projected OV for the month and how it was going to be distributed within the team. Saved so many calculations!!"

    Janice S
  • "This is amazing! I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. Super easy to subscribe and set up, took less than 5 minutes. Thank you!!"

    Chrystal L
  • "This is Rock Star level"

    Renna V
  • "I only used a couple of features last night and was excited!! This is AMAZEBALLS!"

    Lisa Z
  • "My sister was just doing numbers and then she installed this thing and voila...saved her more than an hour's time and tons of frustration and it's organized!! Oh my GOSH, she's in love!!! I am, too!! Great tool!"

    Stephanie S
  • "EEEEEEEEEK!!!!!! This is SO AWESOME!!! Meshing this up with Mandy's structure training and GEEKING OUT already!!!!! Thanks for bringing this to us!"

    Jen K
  • "I love the Toolkit! It’s the only way I look at my back office now."

    Lisa B

What Does It Cost?

Our goal is for the Back Office Toolkit to be accessible to every Wellness Advocate looking to build or grow their business.

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We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee*, so you can experience the value of this amazing tool with no risk!


* Completion of the Complementary "Basics" Training Course required within first 30 days to receive full refund if not satisfied. See Terms for more information.

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  • $100


    • Scheduled LRP Volume Calculation
    • Power of 3 Bonus Analysis
    • Rank & Qualifier Projections
    • Commission Estimator
    • Insightful Reporting

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What Do I Do?

Features You'll Love

Rank Planner

Automatically uncover the best potential Qualifiers for any target rank
See all requirements and quickly identify any gaps in volume
Change the default Qualifiers for your own selections if needed

Power of 3 Planner

Quickly view Power of 3 status for anyone in your downline
See exactly where any gaps are at a glance

Rank Tracking

Track actual and projected Qualifiers automatically
See "Extra" Qualifiers!
Know your Projected Rank for the month

Volume Projections

See all scheduled volume for any leg quickly
No more manually adding up LRP volume!

Commission Estimator

Estimate your Unilevel Commission for your current and projected ranks
Pick a Target Rank and get motivated!
Run estimate for anyone in your downline
Accounts for Dynamic Compression


Run complex reports with a single click
Generate actionable contact lists from Report Results!

Set Up the Toolkit

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  • The Easiest Way

    The Toolkit has been packaged as an Extension for Google Chrome!!! If you don't already have Chrome, you can download it here.

    Then, simply click the button below and click "Add to Chrome" on the next page. The Toolkit will be added to your list of Extensions to the right of the address bar in Chrome.

  • Back Office Toolkit

    Works in Any Browser

    The Bookmarklet option is good if you are using a non-Chrome browser, or if you want to use the Toolkit on your phone or tablet.

    To set it up, first make sure your Bookmarks toolbar is showing in your browser. Then click-and-drag the image to the left and drop it onto that Bookmarks toolbar.

  • Install on your phone or tablet

    Note: If your mobile web browser is set up to sync with a desktop browser, it is easiest to use the "Bookmarklet" option above and let that sync to mobile.

    • 1

      Bookmark This Page

      Name the Bookmark "Back Office Toolkit" and save it

    • 2

      Copy the Code

      "Select All" and copy the Javascript code in the box

    • 3

      Edit the Bookmark

      Edit the Bookmark you created in Step 1, removing the URL it was pointing to and pasting the code you just copied

Quick Answers to Common Questions

This section will be updated as new common support requests are received. If you don't see your question below, click "Ask a Question" to contact us!